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  1. playground equipment train module

    Train Module

    675,00 € sh käibemaks
  2. playground equipment boat module

    Boat Module

    594,00 € sh käibemaks
  3. timber climbing frame mini picnic module 160

    Mini Picnic Module 160

    286,00 € sh käibemaks
  4. kids playground equipment mini picnic module 120

    Mini Picnic Module 120

    267,00 € sh käibemaks
  5. kids play shop mini market module

    Mini Market Module

    256,00 € sh käibemaks
  6. wooden playsets balcony module

    Balcony Module

    227,00 € sh käibemaks
  7. outdoor playsets playhouse module 145

    Playhouse Module 145

    348,00 € sh käibemaks
  8. outdoor playsets playhouse module 125

    Playhouse Module 125

    297,00 € sh käibemaks
  9. wooden climbing frames bridge module

    Bridge Module

    544,00 € sh käibemaks
  10. wooden playground equipment climb module

    Climb Module

    423,00 € sh käibemaks
  11. kids swing frame 2 swing module

    2-Swing Module

    227,00 € sh käibemaks
  12. kids swing frame 1 swing module

    1-Swing Module

    196,00 € sh käibemaks
  13. playhouse slide jungle playhouse xl frame 1

    Jungle Playhouse XL Frame

    735,00 € sh käibemaks
  14. wooden playhouse with slide jungle playhouse l frame 1

    Jungle Playhouse L Frame

    514,00 € sh käibemaks
  15. playhouse slide crazy playhouse frame 3

    Crazy Playhouse CXL Frame

    685,00 € sh käibemaks
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15 Items

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Bring your garden to life with this add-on fun and stimulating playground equipment. With these wooden climbing frame modules you can customise your Jungle Gym and keep your playground fresh, new and exciting. Add social and imaginative stimulation with the Playhouse, Mini Market −the Jungle Gym wooden play shop− and Picnic modules, or let them develop agility and co-ordination skills with the Swing frames and Climb modules.

Extra special are the innovative designs of the train and boat modules that give an extra dimension to your climbing frame. Expansion of outdoor playsets in a later stage, for example as an excellent birthday present, is just another great asset of the modules. The Bridge and Net Link are smart features designed to connect two play towers and offer an ideal opportunity to further personalise the playground.
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